Life is what you choose it to be.

I offer Healing Bodywork - Craniosacral Therapy & Massage, as well as Intuitive Readings and Chakra Activation/ Balancing.

Life Guidance Readings & Massage

Life Guidance

Discover a clearer picture of your life... and you will likely make positive life choices.  Each session includes a personal healing & exercises you can do to "keep up."  

Follow up email sent after 1st session.

SESSIONS - By Phone or In Person

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on touch that re-balances your nervous system.  My focus is to cultivate Peace of Mind and Relaxation in Body.  

May be combined with massage.

Swedish Massage

The swedish massage I offer is relaxation focused.  When your body is in a state of ease it can repair itself.  I will address areas of tension or misalignment, calling it back into balance. 

May be combined with craniosacral.  

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph massage is a gentle hands-on pumping technique applied to your skin in order to activate and boost your immune system.  Wonderful any time of year, particularly in the changing of seasons.  Also beneficial when dealing with fatigue and/or dis-ease in body. 


Family Constellation Therapy

This is an eye opening, simple process to help you recreate your family/ relationship dynamics.  WE begin with a guided meditation to connect you to your Soul, followed by an incredibly empowering and active experience.

Price for these sessions - $125



"I had the pleasure of having a reading with Sedonah Sunn. I filled out the short bio sheet but went blank when asked, what my passions were. I couldn't come up with any--and yet that is exactly one of the reasons I came for a reading. "Please tell me who I am and just what it is I should be doing with my life" was what I was inwardly crying out.

Sedonah meditated with me for a short time in the beginning, stood behind me for a short while, came back in front of me, and spoke to me. She knows just who I am, and what my role is. As soon as she identified me, I knew that she was absolutely right. I knew it from the depths of my soul.

When my eyes would stray, she would bring them back and ask that I look directly into hers. It was a soul conversation -- and I have never experienced anything like it.

She is a sweet young woman, and I wish I lived closer to have more visits with her.

Thank you, thank you, Sedonah! You have identified the path I'm on, and have encouraged me on how to enhance my journey."

       ~ Monica Shakopee, Minnesota ~