Healing Sessions

Long Distance Healing

Silence of mind & thoughts is an essential part of healing, inner peace and ultimate happiness.  Over the phone I walk you through a meditation and breath work to soothe your soul and provide healing. 

Craniosacral Massage Healing

I combine Swedish Massage with essential oils along with Craniosacral therapy which re-balances your body & nervous system. 

My hands intuitively sense what your body most needs to return you to peace & bring you into a deep state of relaxation.


Sound Healing


* Native Amercian Flute

* Crystal Bowl

* Chimes

* Drum



"I had the pleasure of having a reading with Sedonah Sunn. I filled out the short bio sheet but went blank when asked, what my passions were. I couldn't come up with any--and yet that is exactly one of the reasons I came for a reading. "Please tell me who I am and just what it is I should be doing with my life" was what I was inwardly crying out.

Sedonah meditated with me for a short time in the beginning, stood behind me for a short while, came back in front of me, and spoke to me. She knows just who I am, and what my role is. As soon as she identified me, I knew that she was absolutely right. I knew it from the depths of my soul.

When my eyes would stray, she would bring them back and ask that I look directly into hers. It was a soul conversation -- and I have never experienced anything like it.

She is a sweet young woman, and I wish I lived closer to have more visits with her.

Thank you, thank you, Sedonah! You have identified the path I'm on, and have encouraged me on how to enhance my journey."

       ~ Monica Shakopee, Minnesota ~