Sedonah Sunn

'Mystic' - Sound Healer, Artist, Spiritual Mentor

Awhile back a friend called me a 'mystic' and it has stayed with me. 

My Mission:

Inspiring & Empowering people to joyfully live their destiny.

My Message is:

Spreading Love, Light, Peace & Joy

Sedonah Sunn Bio

Since I was a young girl I have been living in a magical world

  As you can see from the picture of me and my mom on a carousel ride at Disneyland.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been referred to as a "Mary Poppins" like being who just pops into situations where people need a little help.

I was living in L.A. in 2017 and after doing a ceremony on the beach with drum and song I walked into a spa called, "The Creative Chakra Spa."  I asked the woman if she could use another healer.  She asked me if I did massage, to which I replied, "Yes" having had taken a 2 year course.  She whisked me into a room with 2 clients laying on tables and 1 massage therapist already in the room.   She handed me a bottle of massage oil and said, "Please begin."

This was a near instant manifestation as the drum ceremony I had done on the beach was to call in a place I could offer my healing services.  It was a win-win for the time.  I later found out that the Spa Director was waiting on her 2nd massage therapist to show up who was stuck in traffic.  When I walked in the door in perfect timing she called me an 'angel.'

This is just one example of many stories of my life, that truly makes my life magical.  It is all about listening to Spirit and allowing myself to be guided.  Some people just don't understand why I do certain things, like the time I packed everything I owned into my car and took off on an extended 6 month journey, with no plans of where I would sleep that night and the only thing guiding me was a note I had taped to the center of my steering wheel that said, "SPREAD LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE & JOY."