Life Guidance Readings

30 min - $55​ (single session)

60 min - $110 ​(single session)

Or choose to make a commitment to yourself and receive reduced rates - 

Based on how many sessions you book per month.​

4 Calls/ Month - $160

2 Calls/Month -  $ 90

1 Monthly Call - $50

*Prices listed above are for 30 min. sessions for 1 hour just double the numbers*


Mon- Wed    10am- 2pm

Thurs- Sat   10am- 6pm

Bodywork Sessions in your Home

PRICES vary by Location in the Verde Valley of Arizona.

Rimrock - $65

Camp Verde/ Cornville - $75

VOC/ Cottonwood - $85

Phoenix - $105

** Gratuities & Referrals Accepted & Appreciated **


If you would like to donate or support MY mission of raising human consciousness -- you are welcome to contact me or send a contribution to my PAYPAL ACCOUNT:

In return, may you receive the multitude of blessings that comes from sharing your resources with others, as a way of being in service to All.  Sat Nam


SEVA: is the act of selfless service. One of my acts of Seva is helping young women, and young men who are needing direction.  I do this by helping them create a stable foundation for their success.  I offer free services to those who reach out to me, with a serious interest to improve their lives.

TITHING:  I give back to my teacher's mission and tithe 10% of my earnings.