My Training, Philosophy & Mission

Courses Stuided


Bachelor of Human Ecology - 4 year Degree  (1991-95)
Massage Therapy Certificate - 2200 hours  (2002-2004)
Craniosacral Therapy  (2005) 
Visceral Massage (2005)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage  (2004)
Reiki  (2003)
NLP Life Coaching Certificate  (2007)
Family Constellation (2006)
Reconnective Healing  (2006)
Vipassana Meditation Retreat  (2009)
​Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training (2013)
Soul Retrieval  (2012)
Psychic Healing  (2015)

Sat Nam Rasayan ​(2017)

Kundalini Yoga Seva  Hacienda de Guru Ram Das  (2017)

** In Arizona, massage courses, require 500 training hours  - I completed 2200 hours + 16 years experience.

My Philosophy


Life is simple when you simplify it. 

In the year 2000, I took a 4 month journey to Australia.  Living with only a back pack, I realized how simple life is, when you travel LIGHT.  Traveling light is not only about your things, it is also about letting go of your emotional baggage.

The quickest was I have discovered to clear the pathway for success & true happiness... is meditation, and most recently through the power of Kundalini Yoga.  

Then you can really appreciate this amazing journey.   

My life is full of blessings, great friends and wonderful life experiences. I thank God and Guru Ramdas everyday.

SAT   NAM = Honor THE Divine Truth

My Mission


To help Empower people to know their divine self.  If you reach out to me I will help you.  I will not chase you, and I cannot do the work that you need to.  I will however be a guide in your personal development.

I have received so many wonderful healing's and blessings from other healers, I am now being called to pass these on.

I am here to give people "HOPE."  

Which stands for....

Helping - Open - People's - Eyes

How I start my day

  • With Gratitude... 
  • Waking around sunrise time.  
  • Commencing with an hour of Kundalini yoga & Meditation.
  • Setting my intentions for the day.
  • Enjoying a healthy breakfast.
  • Prayers said before all meals and before all travels.


My Spiritual Teacher: Yogi Bhajan - Father of Kundalini Yoga in the U.S.

"Destiny is that you should be consciously divine." 

Yogi Bhajan, July 9, 1981

I highly recommend a visit to the Espanola, New Mexico Ashram.  It is life changing.