Light to Earth

Symbolic Art

One of my first creations from 2011.  I paint images that become my reality.  Just as Mary Poppins could sketch a chalk image on a sidewalk and jump into that reality...I have my own Sedonah Sunn method.  It may not be as instant as a snap of the fingers, however they do realize.

After many years of manifesting for myself, I realized I had a gift to help others.  I paint with bright acyrlics,  bringing forth as much of the Light of God I AM.  

As a life coach/mentor I help you clearly see your life dream.  As a healer/seer, I release the blocks in the energy field that cause delays, and envision your dreams manifesting a new reality.

My Process

Every piece is unique bringing forth the essences of what my clients are wishing to manifest in their lives. I sit, I meditate and I wait for the inspiration to come through. And then I paint for hours at a time, in a meditative state. 

Manifesting Art Price List

Smile... and the world smiles back at you.